Waterjet cutting in Salt Lake City

StreamWorks is a full-service abrasive waterjet cutting company that specializes in architectural and industrial cutting. We are known throughout the Salt Lake Valley for cutting intricate murals, large-scale flooring medallions, industrial parts, and various custom projects.

Materials we're able to cut

Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Carbon Fiber, Plastics, Brass, Ceramic, Copper, Glass, Granite, Fiberglass, Inconel, Linoleum, Marble, Plexiglass, Porcelain, Sintra, Slate, Teflon, Tile, Titanium, UHMW, VCT, and more.

What's a waterjet?

A waterjet is a computer controlled (CNC) cutting machine. By pumping high-pressured water and garnet through a small nozzle, a waterjet is able to make sharp, non-continuous cuts through many types of materials. Typically, waterjets service the archetectural and industrial communities.

About Us

StreamWorks was founded in 2005. With almost ten years of industry experience, StreamWorks is known throughout the Salt Lake valley for its competitive pricing and friendly service.

Good, friendly service, great prices. Go there regularly.
— Aaron Wernerehl, Beijer Electronics